How to style boat shoes this summer.

Since Paul Sperry created the boat shoe in 1935 they have evolved from a practical shoe to wear on boats and docks to a style icon used for any occasion. The quality materials and slick shape have them at the forefront of style and a staple of every wardrobe. Before the summer commences, we have put together the ultimate guide on how to style your boat shoes.

Spring Races

Although Spring races take place just before summer, it is the perfect opportunity to show off your boat shoes. Bring some flair to your race day outfit, a quality boat shoe can work as a point of difference with your suit. Our recommendation is pairing a dark brown Authentic Original Boat Shoe with your favourite dark suit , don’t be afraid to dress it up with a fun print for your socks.

Casual Get Togethers

Weather it be a barbecue, picnic or café brunch, bring a casual elegance to any occasion. With the sunshine brings opportunities to pair some light chinos with a light pair of boat shoes. Make sure the colour of your chinos contrasts the colour of your boat shoes to balance things out. Try one of our new boat shoe arrivals, we suggest the Tri Tone Boat Shoe.

Weddings and Engagements

Summer weddings can be a semi formal occasion which makes nailing the dress code a challenge, whether it be at a winery or a funky venue we have the perfect solution. A quality new boat shoe like the matches perfectly with a formal blazer, chinos and shirt. Keep the top half formal with a more casual look down bottom to blend the best of both worlds.

Afternoons at the pub

One of the great ways to spend your afternoon during summer is at the pub with a cold drink in your hand and the sun shining upon you. The perfect pub combo is a pair of boat shoes with shorts. Our recommendation is pairing a simple pair of shorts with your boat shoes to let them stand out (please do not wear socks with this outfit).